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This E.P.C. division is the meeting point for the over <br/>50 years expertise in the collection, treatment, distribution and purification of municipal and industrial water, acquired from the Companies merged into TM.E.

From the 1950s to nowadays TM.E. has constructed urban and industrial sewage treatment and purification plants in Italy and worldwide that have a combined capacity of over 8 million m3/day of purified water (equal to more than the equivalent of 35 million inhabitants).

Also in the field of primary water treatment for drinking or industrial use, TM.E. boasts over 40 years’ experience in Italy and abroad, thanks to the know-how gained from the incorporated companies, for a total capacity in terms of drinking water plants of over 6 million m3/day, and more than 92 mil-lion m3/day of pumped water.
Moreover, in the industrial water treatment field, more than 1,300 units have been built of various size and capacity for a production output of more than 5 million m3/day of treated water.

On new projects TM.E. offers a full package of information services, complete with technical and financial feasibility studies and environmental impacte valuations, before moving on to basic and detailed designs, supply, construction, installation, and commissioning and management of turn-key plants required by the Customer.
The legislation development for the Project Financing sector enables the Company, that already holds important public concessions, to extend its activity, taking full advantage of the potential of this sector.

In this sector TM.E. can supply:

  • Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.
  • Reverse-osmosis desalination plants.
  • Distillate remineralising plants for drinking purposes.
  • Ion-exchange plants (demineralisation and condensate polishing plants).
  • Drinking water plants.
  • Purification plants for thermal power stations or refineries.
  • Degasifiers.
  • Water pre-treatment and filtration plants for industrial use and for electrical power stations.
  • Pumping stations and water distribution systems

TM.E. Group is currently responsible for the management of water treatment plants for an installed capacity of 1,843,000 m3/day, which corresponds to the equivalent of about 6,081,000 inhabitants.

  Installed capacity (m3/ day) N° inhabitants served
Municipal waste water    
     TME 4.435.000 18.738.000
     TME (De Bartolomeis) 1.736.000 7.236.000
     TME (Ansaldo Acque) 1.846.000 9.234.000
Drinking water    
     TME 3.138.000 13.075.000
     TME (De Bartolomeis) 2.104.000 7.518.000
     TME (Ansaldo Acque) 1.242.000 4.964.000
Pumping stations    
     TME 69.259.000  
     TME (Ansaldo Acque) 23.400.000  
Industrial water   Units costructed
     TME 5.524.500 1.310