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Progress in standard regulations in recent years, along with <br/>an ever-increasing environmental awareness among the population, have brought the issue of the disposal and treatment of solid municipal and industrial wastes into the limelight.

TM.E. has shown its capability of approaching the problem, having made a significant number of energy producing plants in Italy (energy from municipal waste, biomass, and biogas), as well as technological treatment of waste using the most advanced technology available, in order to have the best environmental impact.

The experience acquired with the purchase of the De Bartolomeis SpA and Tecnitalia SpA companies, along with the running of in-house research programmes, puts TM.E. in a position to offer customers of both public and private sector all the technical solutions available on the market, for more general technological treatment of solid waste.
Especially in the waste-to-energy sector, TM.E. has all the main technologies used, such as the air and water cooled moving grates, fluidised bed, and rotary kiln systems, and is able to use dry, semi-dry, and wet flue gas clening systems along with the removal of nitric oxides, using thermal and catalytic systems.

The Company’s organisational and financial structure has enabled TM.E. to handle even large scale contracts using Project Financing, besides managing complete multi-purpose waste treatment systems at the service of many districts.

The operational management of energy production and waste treatment plants built was entrusted more and more often to companies fully owned by TM.E. with the assignment of running and maintaining the efficiency of these plants. Valuable feedback in terms of technical and organisational information was received from these management activities, making it possible to constantly update the products TM.E. offers its customers.

In this sector TM.E.can supply:

  • Plants for producing energy using biomasses, municipal solid waste, bio-gas, solar and wind power.
  • Flue-gas treatment from waste incineration plants and thermal power plants.
  • Sorting and recycling plants for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).
  • Composting plants.
  • Plants for producing RDF.
  • Waste disposal sites for treating hazardous waste.



Municipal solid waste treatment
  Installed capacity (tonnes/day) of wich by incineration n° of equivalent inhabitants
TME 6.400 4.565 4.570.000
TME (De Bartolomeis) 19.739 9.395 14.099.000
TME (Group) 26.139 13.960 18.669.000