TM.E. S.p.A. - Termomeccanica Ecologia is the Company within the Termomeccanica Group that deals with the construction and management of environmental and industrial engineering works.
TM.E. was formed by merging the technological assets and experience of long-standing, leading organisations like the Termomeccanica’s Plants Division, the Forni e Impianti Ingg. De Bartolomeis, Ansaldo Acque and Ansaldo Tecnitalia, the latter two being previously part of the Ansaldo Group.
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TME signed the contract for the construction, in consortium with the company PORR S.A., of the second line of the Rzeszow waste-to-energy plant in Polan


TM.E. S.p.A. Termomeccanica Ecologia is owned by Termomeccanica Group.

The well-established engineering capabilities in the realization of complex infrastructures allow the Company to face challenges of significant commitment both technologically and financially.

This prerogative, together with the ability to manage large advanced technology works, makes TM.E. an ideal partner for public and private clients in environmental projects.


TM.E. S.p.A. - Termomeccanica Ecologia operates in two sectors in the more general “environmental” business:

  • Waste to energy (municipal solid waste and renewable sources such as biomasses, bio-gas, wind  power and solar).
  • Technological water treatment (potabilization, desalination and water purification), both for civil and industrial use.
Divisioni operative
It also manages services connected with technological water treatment and waste disposal. The Company designs and builds plants by involving its two E.P.C. (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) divisions, while the plant management is entrusted mainly to special purpose Project Companies controlled by TM.E.